Chapter 1 – Searching for inspiration…

The search for Inspiration can be a personal discovery, derived from the deliberate or accidental pursuit of fulfilment. For me, I have decided to begin this pursuit in the world of wine.

For those who stumble across this blog, I hope to provide you with an insight of my journey throughout wine induced meditation, as well as regular reviews and thought provoking posts.

The Way Things Are…

As an already self-proclaimed enthusiast of the boozier selection of produce available in life’s buffet, I have always enjoyed a good bottle of wine. Until recently my selections have been relatively safe, sticking to varieties I know and trust. It has only been within the last year or so I have come to really appreciate the vast levels of creativity on display around the globe. From French and Italian classics to pioneering new world trendsetters, I am excited to continue to sample the best varieties of juice that the grape has to offer.

The Journey…

In order to kick start my journey of inspiration I have decided to dive in at the medium to shallow end, by attempting to obtain an intermediate wine qualification. Since my interest has only increased over recent years, I now plan to continue to fuel my curiosity with this slightly more structured approach. Throughout three weekdays in January, I shall be regaling tails from The Wellington pub on Bennets Hill, until the point I achieve the prestigious award of WSET Level 2 Award in Wines and Spirits!


The Future…

I have no clear direction or intention of where my upcoming wine journey will take me. An ideal end goal would be to provide me with inspiration, perhaps a vague direction in which to travel next. Perhaps the same charge of inspiration that drives the flavours of the world’s finest wines will find its way into my bloodstream. I suppose it’s bound to sooner or later…

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